How beginners can learn any song on guitar in 30 minutes…..

Did you click on this thinking you would be playing guitar like Jimi Hendrix within the next 30 minutes? I’m sorry to disappoint you, because I don’t know any secret hacks and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any.

Try not to get like this.

Have you searched how to play Stand By Me? Looked at how Slash does that ‘widdly’ thing? Or how many strings does Tosin Abasi have? Then prepare for a multitude of guitar related adverts: Yousician, GForce Guitar, UG, Fretboard Master, etc. These apps promise to take the frustration out of learning and get you playing in no time. Clickbait is a phenomena of the modern age, ‘If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is’.

Learning to play any instrument is difficult, it takes time, it takes effort and no matter how much money you throw at it you still need patience and diligence. Learning to play can be a rewarding past time that can stay with you throughout your life.

For me the best part of playing guitar has been the people I have met directly through it. Whether it’s been meeting some of my best friends through music, teaching some fantastic young students or getting on stage with an old teacher, the guitar can bring people together.


Learning to play through an app doesn’t stop you from going out and playing with people but it doesn’t encourage it either. If you are looking to make the most of your practice time here are a few tips that helped me when I first started to learn guitar:


> Be realistic with the outcomes that you set and don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t make them.

> Work out what kind of learner you are. This can help circumvent a lot of meaningless practice time and give you the best chance to take information in. Try searching on Google: ‘What’s my learning style?’ To help learn how to make the best of your musical education.

“Make sure you have the right tools. You don’t need to spend thousands on equipment to start playing but you do need something that will tune up, make some sort of sound and is comfortable.”

> Have FUN! Seriously the whole point of learning an instrument is to have fun.

Try and pick up the guitar once a day (even for five minutes). I tell all my students that if they can just pick up their guitar once a day it keeps everything fresh. It’s much more enjoyable then leaving it a week and having an hour on the guitar, of which 45 minutes is trying to remember where your fingers go and what the strings are called.

Hopefully the guitar can be a meditative process and you can learn to enjoy the journey as much as the end goal. If you want to chat about how to put some of these ideas in place give the studio a call on 0773171259 and I will be happy to help!