Here at Splinter Studios, we get asked on a weekly basis how we became what we are and why. So to save you all from our bumbling answers, here is (hopefully) a more eloquent version.


We (Adam & Josh) both attended Wood Green High School in Wednesbury together, followed by Walsall College. Through our teenage years, we played in some different bands, some of which would rehearse at a place called Post Office Studios.
The studio was run by a lovely guy called Matt. It was always the cheaper option for rehearsal spaces. The gear wasn’t great, but we always felt that we had better practices there. There was just something about the vibe of the building that made us relax a little more.
By the time we got to our early twenties, we had formed the band Liberty Lies and started to take our music more seriously. We rented a lock up, where we’d practice 3-5 times a week.
It was around this time that we both went to University. Adam went and studied Media & Communication at Birmingham City Uni, and Josh studied Audio Technology at Wolverhampton. University gave us the freedom to keep working hard on our musical projects, whilst still learning for a career afterwards.

Fast forward a few years, University was all over and it is time to get out into the real world and make a living for ourselves. After much discussion, we both decided that we’d like to work together to teach guitar and drums. Being our own bosses would allow us to tour and record with our band, whilst still being able to put everything into the business in-between.
We approached Matt from Post Office Studios about running a music school from his studio, to which he informed us he was going to be moving out. By absolute chance, we had timed it perfectly and the space was going to be ours.

So we went away and planned all the ways we wanted to make the space great. How could we be unlike the other studios. What kind of rehearsal space would make us appeal to people?


1st October, 2014 we went to pick up the keys to our brand new space. One of the most exciting days you can have, and one you’ll remember for all the best reasons? It couldn’t be that easy for us…
We turned up at 10am to find out that somebody had broken into the building the night before, smashed many of the doors and broken the alarm system, stealing some of Matts equipment that was being picked up the following day. What fun.

Anyway, it was time to build a studio. Now, as you will have now read, the only experience and qualifications we own are in Music & Media. The picture just above was the mess we made during our first week. We stripped everything out and set about filling any dent in the walls with filler. We literally didn’t know how to open a tin of paint. Seriously.
Luckily, we met Gary Evans. I don’t think Gaz will read this far (If you are Gaz, stop here… we’ve run out of milk and one of the frames has fallen down again hahaha). He was a god send for us. An ex-council carpenter turned Splinter Studios into how you see it today. The three of us and a small team of helpers did the whole place with our bare hands. I mean, just have a look:


We must also say a huge thank you to the Arts Council. They supported us and gave us some funding to get underway and achieve our targets much quicker.


How does one go about naming a music studio!? What do you call it?
We ran through many different ideas and had to act out some conversations to find a cool name. ‘Yes mate, shall I book ……… for practice tonight?’ etc…

Despite popular belief, we didn’t name the studio after the rat from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We are actually named after the opening track from Sevendust’s 2010 Cold Day Memory album.



If you are new to Splinter Studios, you won’t know a time before The Moon Room, but it is a fairly recent addition. In 2017, West Bromwich Model Rail Club vacated the space and we expanded into it.
Once again, Gaz and his merry buffoons worked their magic to create what we believe to be the best rehearsal room in the West Midlands.
Named after Keith, drummer from The Who, we set about making the room to be premium in quality. Top quality equipment, cool appearance, yet homely and perfect for making music.


We do hope and plan on expanding Splinter Studios in the future. Everything that has happened so far has come at the perfect time for us and we will continue to look to improve in every area that we can along the way.