We have 3 rehearsal rooms here at Splinter Studios.

All of them include:

A Full drum kit, cymbals, 2 x Guitar amps & cabs, 1 x bass amp and full working PA system with microphones, stands and leads. We provide as many microphones and can offer more cabs and amps at no extra charge.

Our rooms feature a combination of the following: 


Shure SM58, 57

Shure 48, 47

Behringer Ultravoice



Tama Superstar 

Gretsch Catalina Club 

Tama Imperialstar 



Zildjian A Customs, K’s, ZXT’s. 

Stage DH Range 


Bass Amps: 

Laney RB4

Laney RB8

Laney RB2

Ashdown Combo 


Guitar Amps: 

Blackstar HT 50w

Laney Ironheart 50w

Laney Lionheart 25w


Marshall Valvestate 100w

Marshall Combo 100w


Guitar Cabs: 

Orange 4×12 

Laney 4×12 

Blackstar 2×12 

Laney Lionheart 2×12

Zilla Fatboy 2×12 


“Some of the best and well equipped rehearsal rooms I have ever been too, and we’ve seen many!”

Don’t forget we have free Tea, Coffee and Wifi.