Hi, my name is Adam and I am the drum tutor here at Splinter Studios. 

I have been playing drums since I was 14 and was influenced by my Dad and Grandad who both played the instrument before me.  

I was self-taught for many years, before having a few drum lessons in my early twenties to further my knowledge on the drums and improve my skills.  

I have been in a number of bands over the years, but my mainstay has been Liberty Lies. It has given me the opportunity to play all around Europe, meet some of my idols and get major radio play in the UK. 

‘At Splinter Studios, I always prefer to teach with two drum kits facing each other. I find it easy for you to customise the kit how you’d like it and we can both play the kits together without interrupting each other.’  

I like my lessons to be relaxed and cater each one for the student.  We can cover whatever you want to learn behind the kit, whether its the absolute basics or something more advance. 

 I have been playing double kick for over 10 years and I am able to teach you how to play to a click track, use drum technology, song writing, reading drum notation, grades or just how to play along to your favourite song.


£12 – Half Hour

£20 – Hour